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authentic dutch barge houseboat
The well restored Steilsteven (1921), old sailing cargoship, is completely self-sufficient. Since 2008 this historic flatbottom is registered in the National Register Sailing Monuments (B status) in the Netherlands. This sailing barge sails perfectly and is, because of her flat bottom, ideal for shallow bodies of water, such as rivers, lakes and canals. It is regularly sailed with on inland waters, IJsselmeer and the Wadden Sea. With the mast lowering facility it is possible to lower the mast and pass the lower bridges. This authentic Steilsteven is directly suitable as a houseboat or for sailing / yachting. We had a lot of fun living on and sailing with this flat-bottomed boat (platbodem). We also adore the splendid holidays with Anna Cecilia but we need to find a bigger houseboat now. The living on water experience and the sense of freedom is indescribable.
Contact information dutch houseboat 
registration number 520 B Gron 1927
Type aakschip type Steilsteven, Dutch sailing barge
Builder Groll, in Veendam, Netherlands
Built in 1921
Berth / mooring Netherlands, currently Amsterdam environment
Dimensions 81' 6" (24m85cm) lenght, 15' 10" (4m85cm) width
Draught 3' 1" (95cm)
Air draught 9' 8" (295cm) when mast is lowered
Cabins / berths 2 person forward cabin, 2x 1 person cabins, 2 single beds in the rear sleeping compartment.
total offering 6 berth accommodation
Build details
Hull revited steel
Ballast 2 concrete blocks
Bulkhead engine room (2x), forward cabin partially
Hull shape flat bottomed hull (platbodem)
Material hull steel
Material deck steel
Material roof former cargo hold steel. Roof between deckhouse and mast is welded steel (authentic design). Before the mast, wooden hatch hood.
Flooring wooden plank floor: pine, oak and jatoba
Exterior finish excellent. Was last docked for blacking in 2011. Hull is approved by the insurance company till 2021.
Frequency docking once every 4 years
Last survey october 2011
Hull valves 3 x: engine cooling, water inlet toilet and (backup) outlet
Paint 2 components, Nelfapox
Engine dutch sailing barge for sale 
Engine Daf 575 (105 hp) diesel engine, overhauled in 2004
Gearbox Paragon 1:3
Cooling heat exchanger
Fuel consumption approx. 6 ltr per hour
Propeller 3 blades bronze, 2' 1" (640mm)
Exhaust dry
Generator Hatz diesel, 1800 RPM 4.5 kVA 230/400V
Other equipment
Warm water Kabola (diesel) or gas fired water heater (gas)
Water pressure hydrophore (24V) with pressure switch
Heating Kabola heater (27 kW), central heating, radiotors in every compartment, extra Jotul solid fuel stove in saloon
Gas waterheater, gas stove, fridge, all thermally protected. 2x propane cylinders housed in gas locker on front deck
Alternator 1x 60A (24V) on main engine
Battery charger 24V, 20A, automatic
Solar panel approx. 60W
Inverter Victron 1200W
Shore-based power yes
Electricity 230V and 24V
Batteries starter batteries (2x 180Ah) + light batteries Victron Gel batteries (2x 12V/220Ah)
Holding tank plastic, 1000 l  230V pump and 24V backup pump
Fuel tank 1 x 300 l and 1 x 225 l (steel)
Water tank 1 x 400 l and 1 x 600 l (stainless steel)
historic dutch barge for sale 
Material interior 12-18 mm plywood finished with hardwood
Insulation 8cm glass wool and insulated bubble wrap
Standing height 5' 7"  -  6' 10"  (1m70cm - 2m10cm)
Layout below deck
Deckhouse (roef) Dimensions approx. 3.5 x 2.5 x 1.9 m
Kitchen / galley with wooden worktop, several wooden cupboards underneeth the counter, natural stone sink, 4 burner stove, built-in refrigerator (220V), mechanical ventilation, combi microwave.
Panelling: partially tiled, wooden panelling sanded and varnished, panel doors finished with pear tree, wooden floor.
Lighting and ventilation: skylight, sliding hatch and doors to aft deck, 4 windows with authentic steel blinds, 1 round window
Access to the aft with 2 single beds
Saloon, former cargo hold Dimensions approx. 6 x 4.5 x 1.95 / 1.70 m.
Several built-in cupboards and drawers on port and starboard sides, tiled fireplace, Jotul solid fuel stove.
Panelling: wooden panels, wooden plank floor: pine
Lighting and ventilation: 4 portholes, 2 round windows, skylight hatch
Entrance Stairs to wooden entrance hatch on the port side, also storage / workshop area, several built-in cupboards and drawers, built-in fridge (gas), waterheater (gas).
Panelling: wooden panelling, wooden plank floor
Bathroom Dimensions approx 3.5 x 2 x 1.95 / 1.70 m.
Panelling: wooden panelling with hardwood finish, wooden plank floor (jatoba)
Lighting and ventilation: 2 portholes, 1 round window and 1 skylight hatch
Shower compartment: shower, washing stand and marine toilet, storage and connection for washing machine / dryer
2 bedrooms (single) 1 bedroom on port and 1 bedroom on starboard side
Dimensions approx. 3 x 1.70 x 1.90 / 1.40 m
Several built-in cupboards, some with hardwood doors
Panelling: wooden panelling with hardwood finish, wooden plank floor
Lighting and ventilation: skylight hatch and 2 portholes
Forward cabin bedroom (double) Dimensions approx. 4 x 3.5 x 1.90 / 1.40 m
Panelling: wooden panelling with hardwood finish, wooden plank floor, several built-in cupboards, all with hardwood doors.
Lighting and ventilation: skylight hatch
Spars and sails steilsteven houseboat for sale 
Mast larix approx. 20m
Boom / jib douglas approx. 14m
Gaff douglas approx. 4,5m
Bokkepoten douglas
Main sail Dacron (approx. 120 m2)
Stay sail Half om doek, TD sails (approx. 50 m2)
Mast lowering facility lowering mast with anchor winch (with bokkepoten)
Winches 2 winches for lee boards, winch for main sail, winch for anchor / lowering mast, winch for the boom
Lee boards bankirai
Navigation equipment
Compass no
VHF radio Unide with Atis
Horn yes
AIS Class A, Oceansat (2012)
Other equipment
Anchor equipment winch, approx. 130' (40m) chain
Anchor 1 x bow anchor and 1 x backup anchor (approx. 60 kg)
Steering system steel rudder with wooden helm (2009)
Dinghy yes, polyester
Safety equipment historic dutch tjalk steilsteven 
Lifebuoy 1
Smoke detectors 3
Fire extinguisher 1 x 2kg en 3 x 5kg in engine room, kitchen, forward cabins
Lenspomp 1 x 24V and 1 x 230V
Navigation lights yes, in accordance with guidelines
Inventory Everything that is attached to the panelling
Recent modifications
Fully refurbished (2000-2005), generator (2007), wooden steering plank (2007), batteries (2012), AIS (2012), main sail (2013), navigation lights (2006), propeller (2005), overhaul engine (2004), gaff (2004), stern and rudder (2004), VHF Radio (2004), hydrophore (2003), 24V pump holding tank (2003), boom (2003), wooden doors deckhouse (2003), bottom hull (2001), lee boards and lee board winches (2000)
Build in 1921 in Veendam, the Netherlands. Untill approx. 1960 main cargo was peat in Zoutkamp (Groningen). First engine in 1956. In the early 80's converted to a comfortable home, houseboat. During the late 80's partially rigged again and since 2003 completed and sailing again. More history about this fine houseboat is known and available.
There are no shortcomings which will block normal use. We sail with the Anna Cecilia on a regular basis.
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